WMCCL round 3 successes

A great job by all SCC who swamped the event with orange.

SCC top 10 positions:
Phil Glaze 1st V40, Kevin Payton 2nd V55, Steve Whitehouse 4th V50, Derek Hill 7th V65, Naomi Buckley-Melling 5th,  Amanda Whitehouse 2nd V40, Jayne Cheslin 3rd V45, Tom Payton  4th, Anthony Neave 2nd, Alex Moore 4th, Matt Worrallo 7th, Bryan Healy 8th.

SCC success at the first WMCCL ‘cross race

14 SCC riders took part last Sunday, 3rd September. Top 10 finishers in their respective categories were: Phil Glaze 1st V40, Anthony Neave 1st U23, Steve Whitehouse 2nd V50, Amanda Whitehouse 2nd LV40, Tom Payton 2nd, Jayne Cheslin 3rd LV40, Naomi Buckley-Melling 4th, Kevin Payton 6th V50, Matt Worrallo 9th, Derek Hill 7th.