Club 10 – 24th July 2018 Results

The result of tonight’s time trial are as follows

1Phil GlazeStourbridge CC00:22:45
2Anthony NeaveStourbridge CC00:23:31
3Scott PalmerStourbridge CC00:25:06
4Adrian LoweStourbridge CC00:26:21
5Kevin PlantStourbridge CC00:26:29
6Paul RogersStourbridge CC00:26:50
7Ian JonesStourbridge CC00:26:58
8Simon JonesFred's00:27:12
9Chris PedleyBlack Country Triathletes00:27:20
10Cameron Coley-SmithStourbridge CC00:27:37
11John TeesStourbridge CC00:28:11
12Chris HarrisStourbridge CC00:28:14
13Kevin/Sue Payton (T)Stourbridge CC00:28:18
14Andy MerrickStourbridge CC00:28:45
15Tracey HipkissStourbridge CC00:30:12
16Mac McColganStourbridge CC00:30:56
17Ian CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:30:58
18Lex AllenStourbridge Velo00:31:32
19Carl HipkissStourbridge CCDNS
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