Stourbridge CC @ Baggeridge!

Last Sunday’s cyclo-cross at Baggeridge saw a large number of SCC riders despite the weather (or because of?)

Rider  Overall
Anthony Neave U23 15th 3rd
Tom Payton Snr 7th 3rd
Phil Glaze V40 21st 3rd
Ian Jones (2nd claim) V40 39th 9th
Amanda Whitehouse V40F 7th 1st
Naomi Buckley-Melling SnrF 9th 1st
Pam Saunders V55F 24th 2nd
Helen Plant V50F 28th 4th
Carolyn Rowntree V70F 33rd 1st
Kevin Payton V55 12th 3rd
Stephen Whitehouse V50 7th 4th
Derek Hill V65 69th 4th
Other SCC riders who have competed with some good results are: –
Kevin Hayward, Andrew Merrick, Quinn Bytheway, Kevin Plant, Colin Neave, Ian Cadwallader, Andrew MacLachlan & Steve Dunbar.