Club 10 – Enville TT

Phil Glaze came home first in the Enville Club 10 on Tuesday, in a time of 22:32.  Nearly twice as many competitors as last year took part in the final event of the year which has very well supported.

Thanks to all the  riders, marshalls, time keepers, starters, holders up, photographers  and cake makers that have made this a thoroughly enjoyable event this year.

1Phil GlazeStourbridge CC00:22:32100
2Matt ClarkeHalesowen A&CC00:22:3798
3Anthony NeaveStourbridge CC00:23:4596
4Ewan Partridge-00:24:0994
5Josh WilliamsClee Cycles00:24:3692
6Silas Vanden Branden-00:25:0290
7Stuart JonesBCRC00:25:1188
8Simon HaycockStourbridge CC00:25:1986
9Nick PriceShropshire CCA00:25:4684
10Paul RogersStourbridge CC00:25:5982
11Andy CollinsMid-Shropshire Wheelers00:26:1080
12Kevin PlantStourbridge CC00:26:1578
13Jon PerryStourbridge CC00:26:1976
14Simon JonesFred's00:26:3574
15Iain EstellStourbridge CC00:26:4972
16Steve GarbettStourbridge CC00:26:5770
17Neil RustonStourbridge CC00:27:0568
18Luke GriffithsTBC00:27:1966
19Chris BreezeBCRC00:27:2164
20James ParkerStourbridge CC00:27:3862
21Richard OwenStourbridge CC00:27:4060
22Simon SmewinStourbridge CC00:27:4658
23Ian JonesStourbridge CC00:27:5056
24Darren CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:28:0054
25Matt MoodyStourbridge CC00:28:1352
26Nigel DhillonStourbridge CC00:28:1550
27John TeesStourbridge CC00:28:2048
28Carl RogersStourbridge CC00:28:3946
29Jim GallowayStourbridge CC00:28:4744
30Steve CraneAllez En Velo00:28:5342
31Matt JonesStourbridge CC00:30:1940
32Helen PlantStourbridge CC00:30:2838
33Alex HartTBC00:30:2936
34Ian CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:32:2934
35Jo AchaStourbridge CC00:32:5832
36Dan TurtonTBC00:35:0830
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