COVID-19 update – April 2021

On behalf of the committee, I am delighted to finally announce that official club rides, both road and off-road, will recommence from Saturday April 3rd. As a British Cycling affiliated club, Stourbridge Cycling Club can organise official rides with up to 15 riders if we comply with government and British Cycling Covid requirements. These include Track and Trace and social distancing before and after rides. They are necessary for legal and insurance purposes, so we must comply. The exemption only applies during the ride not before or after. This contrasts with an unofficial ride, such as a group of friends riding together, that is restricted to six.
It is likely that the public will not be aware of this exemption. There could also be some confusion with the police although British Cycling will contact them.
Start times and locations will be the same as before except that the Summerhill rides will start in the Harvester car park not the layby. There is more space to split groups and social distancing will be easier. We appreciate that groups of up to 15 will seem large. This is a maximum and so you are encouraged to ride in smaller groups which many riders will feel more comfortable with and are easier to manage. Finally, we want to ask for your cooperation and help. We need people to step forward and help with the organisation of rides especially with groups sizes at the start which we know from experience can be difficult.
Kevin Payton

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