Behaviour on the Saturday rides

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Behaviour on the Saturday rides

Postby Roger Allen » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:14 pm

Running the risk of being unpopular, this mornings "slower" A ride was the worst I have ever had the misfortune to be on. In terms of rider behaviour, speed, positioning. There was a large contingent of new riders which swelled the group - despite splitting it at the start. One or two we can handle but this was unmanageable as most of the new riders were not aware of how we ride (with a view to safety) and thus were all over the place, with no regard to riders, pedestrians or traffic surrounding them.

It is good to welcome new riders so every SCC rider who regularly attends these rides is in a position to advise and help new riders, please do so. Those who are reading this who are not members, are urged to join and be aware of our code of conduct.

In future, we will further split the ride at the start once the fast riders have gone to reduce the groups to around 10 riders each. This was agreed on a few weeks ago and has worked well until today.
Furthermore, we will avoid the narrow lane between Claverley Five Ways and Bobbington, instead turning left towards Heathton then doubling back at Halfpenny Green. We have had problems in this lane several times in the last couple of years, including today so is best avoided.

Lastly, I received a complaint about somebody (not in orange) relieving themselves in the Harvester car park. Thankfully it came to me and not the landlord. 100% out of order, whoever it was, apart from being anti-social, it is against the law, don't do it in view of any person or property. If you must go, I suggest you either go straight home or buy a drink from the Harvester and use their facilities.

Sorry to say that for the first time ever, I was ashamed to be there and eased off along Morfe Lane to ride alone.
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