Leading an SCC Ride


Guidelines concerning novices, new members and guest riders. (now referred to as The Guest )




The run is primarily for our members to enjoy and accomplish.

The guest also should enjoy the run and not be put off cycling.

If the above are achieved, we may have a new member.




The leader decides if the Guest can ride, not other members.

Having done so, you must be prepared to take responsibility for their well being, in the event of a ‘bale out’, returning home with them, or delegate their return to a run member. Delegate a substitute run leader as necessary to complete the ride.

Before half way to the café, access how The Guest is doing?  Can they make it comfortably?

The Guest must provide a ‘contact & home phone no. & address.’

Check their food and water, be prepared to share your supply.

Check their spares, tyres, etc., can the group ‘cover’ for likely eventualities?

Check their clothing, The weather could be a big factor for a novice?


The Approach and Assessment.


Try to be friendly and tactful in discovering The Guests capabilities.

Ask what experience they have?

How fit do they think they are?

Tell them about the run, destination, distance, time and speed.

Do they think they are up for it?




Do they look OK?

Is their bike OK? Old and badly kept. Brand new and unsuitable.

A cheap fully suspended mountain bike, with knobbly tyres, beware! Conversely, a fit cross country rider on a ‘hardtail’ MTB , on slicks could be fine . BMX , no way!


If there is time, give advice, and ask them to return when better prepared.