Preparation for a ride

In order to ride with Stourbridge CC, we ask that people come prepared:

Know how far you are likely to be riding.

Ensure you are capable of completing the distance and terrain.

Your bike must be in good working order. Mechanical failures affect the whole group as they will be delayed with you in the event of a failure.

You must dress appropriately for the weather.

You are welcome to join our rides but after 3 outings with us you will be required to join the club. Details on the "Join Us!" page.

You can also join one of the national cycling organisations, CTC or BCF. This is not a condition of membership of Stourbridge CC but there are added advantages of membership of these organisations.

Tri-bars are ok but please refrain from using them within the group.

Before a ride check the following:

Brakes are sound, the blocks have plenty of rubber on them and pulling on the lever causes the blocks to hold the rim.

Wheels are sound, no loose spokes.

Rims are not worn.

Bars and saddle are tight. It should not be possible to move them in any direction.

Gears work reliably.

Cables are not frayed.

Tyres are in good condition.

You should bring with you:



Tyre levers

At least one spare inner tube


chain link extractor

spoke key

bonk food (e.g. banana)

A hard shell helmet is recommended

a drink

Most of these items can be fitted in a tool roll/ sawn-off bottle or will fit into pockets of a cycling jersey