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Training: We hold training rides all year round, of varying severity There are also many reliability trials held locally in January and February which we attend. See the events calendar.


Saturdays 0810, 0815, 0820 or 0830*, Summerhill, Kingswinford. All year round.

* 0830 for experienced riders only.

Meet Summerhill (Cot Lane lights) for a sub 2-hour ride, same route each week. This ride can be fast depending on who is out. Typically 19 - 20mph, unstructured. Distance, 36 miles approx.

Also: A choice of four rides: an easier "B" ride starting at 0810, same route, average speed approximately 18mph, the "C" ride starting at 0815, an intermediate "D" ride starting at 0820, average speed should be about 18mph and the faster "A" training ride starting at 0830, average speed 20mph.
As these latter two are training rides, it is unlikely we will wait for stragglers except on the 0810 ride.

Route here

Kingswinford, Pattingham, Burnhill Green, Beckbury, Badger, Worfield, Claverley, Heathton, Bobbington, Six Ashes, Tuck Hill, Morfe Lane, Mile Flat (finish).

Summer training rides:
Meet Summerhill lights, Cot Lane Kingswinford. 6.30pm every Tuesday and Thursday except the first of each month because the club time trial runs instead. 1.5 hours local roads towards Pattingham. Average speed approx 21mph and is higher during the intense part of the ride. No waiting for stragglers.

Winter training rides:
Steady training: meet Summerhill lights, Tuesday & Thursday 6.30pm - "Nightwash" - route in drak lanes. 1.5 hours on local roads as a "co-operative training ride". Riders MUST have 1 powerful front, 2 rear lights (all in working order) and light/reflective clothing.

Cyclo-cross training - from September: Tuesdays 7pm. See Kevin Payton for location.


Before attending a Stourbridge CC ride, please check our "code of conduct" and "preparation for a ride" pages.