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22nd January. Bruce Mantom provided details of “The Black Country Triangle” cycle ride, which he would organise as part of the Dudley National Cycle Festival in June. There was some problem over the payment for the clubroom and Graham Fardon agreed to pursue the idea of a new clubroom, perhaps at the Bonded Warehouse in Stourbridge.

5th March. Les Archer reported that £2850 had already been collected from the sponsored ride, which had been held in February. The Bonded Warehouse was an excellent venue – but the cost of £25 per night was considered too high.

30th April. Graham Fardon suggested that the Girl Guides hut in Wollaston might be a good headquarters. No 10 rides for people who had not paid their subs. 8 members had competed in the Hell of the North Cotswolds event. Alan Oakley’s photograph loomed large in “Cycling”.

2nd July. Bob Couldrey commented that several officials had failed to turn up for his evening 10’s. This was felt to be an unwise move on their part. The ladies refused to raise the catering prices as they felt that high standards and reasonable cost enhanced the club’s reputation. The “triangle” off-road event had been a great success. 80 riders started and only 6 were lost.

13th August. It was agreed that a select group of committee members should visit the girl guides hut, what can one say? There was a proposal to extend the present clubroom and it was agreed that we contact the community association about this. This sounds better. Malcolm Hancock made a forceful request for the prompt return of the race equipment in good condition.

1st October. It was agreed that professional riders could enter the club’s open events, but not the Intralox 10’s series. Graham Fardon had not yet visited the guides hut.

19th October. The AGM. A new post of Membership Secretary was agreed upon to relieve the workload of the General Secretary. There were no nominations for Club Member of the Year, which roused the displeasure of the chairman, Ken Watson. The meeting also refused to subsidise the committee outing. There had been 8 touring weekends and 21 members were on the Brittany trip. We had organised a Peter Buckley junior road race around the Romsley circuit and won the team prize in the Isle of Man mountain time trial and the 25 miles event. Gavin Pardoe had gained 2nd place in the National Junior 25 miles Championship and other members had won road races. 3 ladies had competed in several national time trials, Alison Thomas being 7th in the National 10. We also promoted the National Road Race Championship on the Romsley circuit for the 2nd year running.

12th November. The MCCA still soldiered on. Tony Taylor had won their BAR competition and we had also won the season long points competition. J. Hooper was to raise the matter of low prize values in the South Staffs events. Roy Archer reported on plans to extend the clubroom with assistance from the table tennis club.

17th December. A sum of £250 for the clubroom extension was agreed upon. Work was to start in February.


21st January. Despite having a bank balance of £1000, the South Staffs stoutly refused to increase prize values. Graham Huggins did not attend the meeting – he was in hospital after his long awaited kidney transplant operation. Members all expressed their hopes for a successful outcome. Graham had shown great courage over the long years and everyone wished him well.

18th March. Roy Archer reported on the clubroom extension which met with everyone’s approval. Congratulations to Gavin Pardoe on his international debut in the Great Britain Junior team. He gained 4th place in a race in Belgium.

30th May. Bob Couldrey reported that he had no difficulty in finding helpers for the evening 10’s with plenty of volunteers. The loudspeakers used by the club for the pantomime had burnt out. We agreed to pay £123.96 for the damage. Our store cupboard had been broken into and other organisations were stealing the pins from our notice board. The dark ages were returning.

15th July. Racing was going well. Jeff Outhwaite had won the South Staffs 100 and Alison Thomas was 9th in the National 50 Miles Championship. Les Archer had again organised to National Road Race Championship and Pat’s Pantry had made over £100 on the sale of the refreshments. Graham Huggins asked for permission to organise a sponsored ride for Kidney Research. Readily granted with promise of our full support.

1st November. The AGM. Membership was at a record level of 176 including 20 juniors and juveniles.


20th January. Mary Davies, the Social Secretary outlined a programme of events for each month of 1992. It was reported that Bruce Mantom had broken his leg while cycling home from the clubroom and was in Russells Hall Hospital. Roy Archer outlined the financial difficulties facing the Hawbush Association and the implications for Stourbridge Cycling Club – paying rent and the possible closure of the centre. Worrying times.

9th March. Apparently, an alternative club run had been leaving the library on Sundays and this was causing confusion. Explanations were required to smooth out problems and soothe feelings. Roger Iddles reported that no more races would be held on the K24 Warwick course after many accidents and some deaths. It followed a similar ban on the K16 Burton road (A38) course. Younger members wanted a change of design for racing jerseys. A sub-committee was set up to consider the matter. A request by Isabel Fletcher that the club buy a disc wheel was considered and rejected. 18th May. For many years Dot and Harold Raybould had provided refreshments at the club 10’s. Illness prevented them from doing so this year so flowers and best wishes were sent.

20th June. The club hilly time trial had been abandoned due to torrential rain. Long stretches of the road around Six Ashes became a lake. It was difficult to get marshals for the South Staffs events, perhaps we should think of resigning again. (I cannot find any record of us re-joining after the last time but we obviously had done so).

21st September. Designs for the new racing jerseys were discussed. The club would pay for the artwork. The lost “Club Member of the Year” had been replaced and Roy Archers name would be engraved on it for 1991. A travel subsidy would be paid to riders who ventured to distant events. Roger Iddles spoke strongly against this practice. It was agreed instead to offer free 1993 membership to all paid-up members over the period 1991 – 1992.

30th October. The AGM. A new chairman was elected – Brian Homer. The Racing Secretary reported on a fall in interest in time trialling, but a strong presence in road racing with 4 2nd category riders and many promising youngsters.

16th November. Roger Iddles reported that he would be promoting the National Junior 25 miles Championship in 1993.


18th January. The racing members had finally approved the new design for the racing jerseys. The committee expressed the hope that they would at least be able to see this new design before orders were placed.

15th March. The inter-club 25 with the Bromsgrove will no longer be held. How sad. Life will be duller. Ian Dalziel was concerned that false declarations by private time trial riders might result in claims against our club. We decided to seek RTTC advice.

17th May. Preparations for the Junior 25 Championship were well in hand – but we needed more marshals. The RTTC had replied to our letter regarding private trials and everything was in fact covered.

19th July. Barry Charley had won the hilly time trial in a new record time. The Brittany weekend had once again been very successful with 20 riders involved. The National Junior 25 miles Championship was to quote “Cycling Magazine” an unqualified success – the only disappointment was the small field of 73. The day was fine with a light wind picking up from the Hartlebury turn to help riders back to the finish near the Nunnery Wood headquarters. The winner with an excellent ride of 53-41 was Jon Hunt of Hemel Hempstead CC, over 1 minute clear of Brett Harwood, Peterborough CC. A fully computerised result sheet was available only ½ hour after the event finished. Tony Eden brought news that the MCCA was likely to be wound up after the 1994 season. The very interesting item concerned the new course for the evening 10’s to be introduced in 1994. This would use part of the A491 dual carriageway twice to avoid the very dangerous roads through Holy Cross.

22nd October. The AGM. We were facing a claim from Dudley MBC for half the cost of resurfacing a path apparently damaged during the Black Country Triangle event. Mary Davies was elected Club Member of the Year for her remarkable efforts as Social Secretary.

1st November. The claim from Dudley MBC had been received – £533. Members were not happy and it was decided to pursue the matter further. We agreed to promote one mountain bike event around Dudley Castle circuit in the following season.


17th January. The club would have to start paying clubroom rent at the rate of £10 per evening. The long rent-free years were finally over. We were worth £7227 in the bank. We were also going to promote a 50Km time trial on a K8 course devised and measured by Roy Archer.

14th March. Roy Archer reported that Dudley MBC had dropped their claim against the club so that all the money raised could go to the kidney unit at Wordsley Hospital. Brian Homer mentioned the success of the 1st 2-up open 10 – but that one team had been disqualified for riding side by side to the start and another for wearing different jerseys. They never listen, read or learn.

16th May. Tony Harris reported that a new version of the club’s 10 miles course was proving popular with riders but many were stopping to chat in the middle of the Clent slip road and causing a traffic hazard. The club was going to buy a new table tennis table for £235 and have leagues and a knockout competition.

18th July. Paul Smithson won the 100 miles championship with a 4-21 ride in the South Staffs event. The old problem of marshals for these events was raised again. It was resolved that unless we had enough volunteers for the 1994 season at the AGM then we should resign our membership of the South Staffs Association (again).

19th September. Ian Dalziel reported on the Brittany tour, the Easthope weekend and the moonlight run. Club runs were so well attended that we needed 2 or 3 separate groups on Sundays.

28th October. The AGM. When the matter of the South Staffs marshalling was raised there was an immediate response from 9 members to sign up for duties. Alan Oakley asked for OS maps to be bought for the touring and this was agreed upon. (See 14th October 1968). Graham Huggins became Club Member of the Year.


16th January. The treasurer reported a balance of £6504. Recent expenditure included a donation of £1100 for Wordsley Hospital Kidney Unit.

21st April. The MCCA had been disbanded due to lack of support (see 17th February 1975). Jeff Outhwaite suffered very serious injuries to his neck in the Dudley Castle cyclo-cross. Fortunately he recovered well after a lengthy stay in hospital. Bryan Hedges drafted a Code of Conduct for club runs in response to some reports of careless riding. Tony Eden requested the telephone numbers of all the young ladies who had recently joined the club. The treasurer reported a sharp drop in the yearly income; no cabaret, fewer 10’s riders and a £10 per night clubroom fee.

22nd May. 143 paid up members. The club hilly race is under threat due to roadworks at Four Ashes.the K37 course will soon be lost for some time the same reason. The Wednesday 10’s are very popular – over 80 riders in the first 3 weeks. There are problems, however, over riders choosing their own start numbers. Organiser Chris Jeavons “is to be firm”.

18th September. Chris Jeavons is to pursue the possibility of a roller contest with the Wolverhampton Wheelers and the Wyre Forest. There was news of a weekend tour to Little Dewhurst. The club dinner is to be held at Himley Country Club, no speeches but musicians to be engaged.

3rd November. The AGM. Mark Tolley is BAR and in the top 50 nationally. Wayne Baker set new club records on his trike. Chairman, Graham Fardon warned that racing members must be prepared to officiate in the evening 10’s. Membership subscriptions up to £10 for seniors.

20th November. The club is to be represented on the new Dudley Cycling Forum by Frank Clements, Mike Howard and Bryan Hedges. Sustrans has £42,000,000 to develop cycle ways – can our fellows spend some of it? The Kingswinford to Stourbridge route is a priority.


18th March. The Touring Secretary reported on plans for a traditional Men Only weekend in October “with no messing about with women”. That’s what it says!

29th March. A revised and updated set of rules for racing was presented, discussed and adopted. (See 30th January 1970).

20th May. Roy Archer outlined the hiring document from our landlords, The Hawbush Community Association. Bob Couldrey agreed to organise the 10’s in June. Many riders turned pale when they heard the news. There is a need to recruit and train new timekeepers.

1st July. Mary Davies outlined plans for a canal trip under Castle Hill in August. Dave Birch has won the hilly, club 25 and South Staffs 100. A traffic count on the Clent course showed almost 1000 vehicles an hour, very close to the permitted maximum. Roy Archer has now taken over most of the job at the Hawbush Centre. We are safe!

1st November. The AGM. We have 170 members but only 3 juniors.


20th January. Jeff Outhwaite was congratulated on organising a very interesting coaching evening with the renowned Dave Smith.

17th March. Graham Huggins mentioned that the Lions Club was buying a special tricycle for a little handicapped girl. The club agreed to donate £100.

5th April. The International Cabaret had made a profit of £400. There was much concern over which pub should be visited after the evening 10’s. The Chairman suggested that a notice should be placed on the bridge each week to indicate the chosen venue.

19th May. Membership was now 127. No volunteers to run the 10’s competition. Roy Archer to take over for the season. There are problems with riders ignoring pedestrian lights at Penkridge on the K6. The police are not happy. Graham Fardon outlined his plans for the Millennium Cabaret: free beer, free taxis, free caviar, smoked salmon, quails eggs…

21st July. Concern over the need to recruit more members, especially young ones. Calls for ideas and action.

5th September. An emergency General Meeting to discuss the future of the evening 10’s. Four monthly organisers were found: Ted Pearson, Derek Parsons, Tony Eden and Mike Evans.

14th November. The AGM. Roger Iddles had set a new club 10 record of 19-58. Bob Franks and Bruce Mantom hold the tandem 100 record. David Stone, 16 years old, managed 5th place in the Cerebral Palsy World Games. The Touring Secretary reported on a fortnight in The Dordogne and a September trip to the Guinness and Oyster Festival in Galway. Roy Archer was elected Club Member of the Year and Bruce Mantom became a life member. We are to run an RTTC circuit series time trial in 1998 on the Astley circuit.


24th April. The club will organise a charity ride in National Bike Week (June) in support of our chosen charity, The Mary Stevens Hospice.

11th May. Mike Howard proposed finding a suitable circuit course for the first 6 evening events in 1999, as he could foresee the end of the Clent course. This was agreed upon. (The savage little circuit around Highgate Common was used in 1999 and much appreciated by spectators). Mike was also planning to organise a 100Km Audax event in 1999 – a new venture for the club. The RTTC circuit race had now become a World Championship selection event and was going to need a major effort to put on a really good show.

24th September. A report of an enjoyable and successful trip to see “Phantom of the Opera”. Mike Howard confirmed his plans for a 106Km Audax in July 1999. Ian Dalziel was concerned about the notable decline in the number of racing members. He suggested forming an elite, sponsored racing section. This provoked a lot of lively discussion.

13th November. The AGM. David Folkes reported that he was in communication with the owners of Merry Hill, who needed our help in organising cycling events and proficiency tests. The touring side was very busy with monthly all day runs and a ladies weekend to Chipping Norton. Roy Archer reported that the club had been highly praised for its RTTC circuit race promotion which was very successful. Les Archer outlined his proposals for a special elite racing group to promote the name of the club and attract new, young racing members. Many questions were asked and he was confident that the new group could be formed in time for the 1999 season.

7th December. An extra-ordinary meeting. The first matter to discuss was the design for the new jersey for the elite racing team. It was agreed to buy back any stock of the old kit from Fred Williams Cycles at cost. (see 1st November 1965). The second item concerned the use of club funds, if needed to finance a development group to attract, help and keep young riders. This led to the formation of a small committee to consider this idea in more detail. Finally, the president was displeased by the lack of any nomination for Club Member of the Year. He proposed Tony Eden and this was agreed upon.


18th January. David Folkes brought news of discussion with Chelsfield (Merry Hill). There was to be a Family Fun Cycle Day with considerable input from the club. There was also the possibility of sponsorship for the new development group.

1st March. There was news of Frank Clement’s serious illness and the committee wished him a speedy recovery. The Clent course was lost due to roadworks and 10’s were to be held on the Ackleton – Sutton Maddock road. The club was now registered as a sponsored club with the RTTC and BCF. Chelsfield had agreed to sponsor the development group.

10th May. David Folkes described in detail the activities to take place during the Family Cycle Day. Ian Billington, Regional Development Officer for the BCF talked about the BCF Challenge Series designed to attract youngsters into cycling. We agreed to put on this event during the Cycle Day. There was discussion about the club dinner. It was agreed to hold a more formal gathering at The Himley Country Club.

19th July. David Folkes reported on the Cycle Day at Merry Hill. The club had put in a great deal of effort but the whole event had been very poorly attended. The location at Merry Hill was not well chosen and there had not been enough advance publicity. Mike Howard was very pleased with a successful Audax event. Surplus monies together with a club donation meant that £150 was sent to our charity: Mary Stevens Hospice. The club is to run the first RTTC National Circuit Championship next year – another very important occasion in our history.

20th September. Merry Hill had contacted the club with regard to another Cycle Day next June. The club dinner is to be held at Pedmore House Hotel in December. It was agreed that the club should go ahead with arrangements for a website. The committee also agreed to the publication of this little book.

29th October. The AGM. The meeting heard news of Graham Huggins, our long serving Treasurer who had undergone major heart surgery. We sent our best wishes for a good recovery. We have a bank balance of around £7500 and a membership of 140. Les Archer reported on the progress of the 5-man elite squad. There had been 44 first places in open events. James Shaw had won the Junior RTTC Series and represented Great Britain in the junior World Road Championship in Italy where he was the only finisher in the team.  Richard Bowater had already won 3 cyclo-cross events and had been chosen to ride internationally. Norma Fardon spoke enthusiastically about the various touring activities. There were large groups out each Sunday with new venues and new leaders. There were all day runs, weekends away including the ladies weekend in Ledbury and she was pleased with the whole touring scene. Kevin Payton had won the Tourist Trophy. Our secretary, David Folkes resigned – and was elected Club Member of the Year for his excellent work for the club. Les Archer, President for over 20 years , relinquished his post and Mike Howard was elected to lead us into the new century.

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