2019 Club 10 Round 2

A record field of 53 riders (including one 2-Up) took part in last night’s Individual Time Trial, with Ben Healy setting a new course record.

Full results:

PosNameClubTime ConvertPoints
1Ben HealyWiggins Le Col00:20:45100
2Charles WalkerSpirit Tifosi RT00:21:4198
3Anthony NeaveStourbridge CC00:22:4696
4Phil GlazeStourbridge CC00:23:1294
5Ewan Partridge-00:23:5492
6James TaylorStourbridge CC00:23:5690
7Nick PriceShropshire CCA00:24:3788
8Rob KennardStourbridge Velo00:24:4986
9Neil RustonStourbridge CC00:24:5084
10Kevin PlantStourbridge CC00:24:5282
11Mark ReevesStourbridge Velo00:25:0080
12Simon SmewinStourbridge CC00:25:0178
13Jon PerryStourbridge CC00:25:0276
14Andy CollinsMid-Shropshire Wheelers00:25:0474
15Simon HaycockStourbridge CC00:25:0872
16Steve LynnWMP00:25:1670
17Sam ParkerBlack Country Triathletes00:25:1968
18Silas Vanden Branden-00:25:2466
19Simon JonesFred's00:25:3464
19Adrian LoweStourbridge CC00:25:3464
21Martin AtkinsStourbridge CC00:25:3760
22Kevin HaywardStourbridge CC00:25:3958
23Iain EstellStourbridge CC00:25:4756
24Cameron Coley-SmithStourbridge CC00:25:5554
25Darren CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:26:0452
26Rich OwenStourbridge CC00:26:0550
27Nigel JonesStourbridge Velo00:26:0748
27Jon TeesStourbridge CC00:26:2646
29Matt MoodyStourbridge CC00:26:2944
30Chris PedleyBlack Country Triathletes00:26:4242
31Darren HolyheadStourbridge CC00:26:5040
32Chris HarrisStourbridge CC00:27:0138
33Keith JasperStourbridge CC00:27:0636
34Steve GarbettStourbridge CC00:27:1434
35Mike BarnshawStourbridge CC00:27:1434
36Paul MargettsStourbridge CC00:27:2430
37Steve CraneAllez En Velo00:27:2728
38Carl RogersStourbridge CC00:27:3026
38Andy MerrickStourbridge CC00:27:3026
40Lee WoodStourbridge CC00:27:5922
41Lee WhitehouseStourbridge CC00:28:0420
42Gary BonnerBTC00:28:0618
43Steve DenisonStourbridge CC00:28:0716
44Chris HollidayWarley Wasps00:28:1514
45Lucy McNeill-Briggs/Matt Cullis (2up)Wolverhampton Wheelers CC00:28:4412
46Matt JonesStourbridge CC00:28:5510
47Helen PlantStourbridge CC00:29:228
48Dave AmbierWarley Wasps00:29:326
49Ian CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:30:344
50Julie BlackStourbridge CC00:31:182
51Jo AchaStourbridge CC00:31:450
52Preston Grundy-00:36:580
S H A R E:

2019 Club 10 Round 1 Results

A large turn out of 35 riders saw Phil Glaze win the opening time trial of the season.

1Phil GlazeStourbridge CC23:01100
2Anthony NeaveStourbridge CC23:1198
3Josh WilliamsClee Cycles24:2696
4Ewan Partridge-24:4294
5Paul RogersStourbridge CC24:5092
6Rob KennardStourbridge Velo24:5190
7Steve LynnWMP24:5788
8Scott PalmerStourbridge CC25:1886
9Neil RustonStourbridge CC25:2484
10Kevin PlantStourbridge CC25:2682
11Leigh BlandfordStourbridge Velo25:2780
12Simon HaycockStourbridge CC25:3578
13James TaylorStourbridge CC25:3676
14Simon JonesFred's26:0874
15Cameron Coley-SmithStourbridge CC26:2472
16Darren CadwalladerStourbridge CC26:3270
17Keith JasperStourbridge CC26:3270
18Richard OwenStourbridge CC26:5166
19Chris PedleyBlack Country Triathletes27:1364
20Simon SmewinStourbridge CC27:3262
21Gary SmithStourbridge Velo27:3460
22Nigel DhillonStourbridge CC27:4358
23Jim GallowayStourbridge CC27:5056
24Matthew MoodyStourbridge CC28:1254
25Andy MerrickStourbridge CC28:2452
26Andrew AshwinStourbridge CC28:2850
27Chris HarrisStourbridge CC28:3548
28Gary ChamberlainStourbridge CC28:3746
29Matt JonesStourbridge CC29:3144
30Mark PratchettStourbridge CC30:0042
31Lucy McNeill-Briggs/Matt Cullis (2up)Wolverhampton Wheelers CC30:1940
32Ian CadwalladerStourbridge CC30:3238
33Mac McColganStourbridge CC30:3936
34Julie BlackStourbridge CC33:2834
35Preston Grundy-38:5432
S H A R E: