Stourbridge CC at Baggeridge!

Too many good SCC results to post in full but ladies ruled the day with Isla, Amanda and Carol each winning their respective events.
A string of second places: Steve W, Jackie, Tom, Ant and Phil G.
Huge support as well from orange-clad well-wishers.

WMCCL Round 5 Shelsey Walsh Results

Another great set of results from the guys and gals in orange

Stephen Whitehouse 3rd V50 and 3rd overall, Kevin Payton 2nd V55 and 6th overall, Derek Hill 4th V65, Ian Cadwallader 32nd V50, Tom Payton 3rd  Senior and 7th overall, Anthony Neave 2nd U23 and 8th overall, Phil Glaze 1st V40, Matt Worrallo 4th V40 and Alex Moore 5th U23

Naomi Buckley-Melling 3rd Senior and 7th overall, Amanda Whitehouse 1st V40 and 9th overall, Alison Bagnall 2nd V50 and 12th overall and Carol Rowntree 1st V70 and 19th overall

Well done all!

WMCCL round 3 successes

A great job by all SCC who swamped the event with orange.

SCC top 10 positions:
Phil Glaze 1st V40, Kevin Payton 2nd V55, Steve Whitehouse 4th V50, Derek Hill 7th V65, Naomi Buckley-Melling 5th,  Amanda Whitehouse 2nd V40, Jayne Cheslin 3rd V45, Tom Payton  4th, Anthony Neave 2nd, Alex Moore 4th, Matt Worrallo 7th, Bryan Healy 8th.

SCC success at the first WMCCL ‘cross race

14 SCC riders took part last Sunday, 3rd September. Top 10 finishers in their respective categories were: Phil Glaze 1st V40, Anthony Neave 1st U23, Steve Whitehouse 2nd V50, Amanda Whitehouse 2nd LV40, Tom Payton 2nd, Jayne Cheslin 3rd LV40, Naomi Buckley-Melling 4th, Kevin Payton 6th V50, Matt Worrallo 9th, Derek Hill 7th.

30th July

A busy weekend… James Green 2nd at Stourport crits, Joe Charley also in the points.
At least 5 SCC riders took part in Ride London. (The sportive not the race!)
Tourers completed a 100-mile clubrun, several making this their first century ride.
Phil Glaze won the pairs at the Pivot 24/12, Matt Worrallo was 3rd vet, Isla 2nd solo female.

SCC time trials

Anthony Neave won the time trial series – 4 events with James Taylor 2nd. Some impressive time improvements from many riders over the season.