Off-road racing round up

Cannock Chase MTB Series 2018
The final round ‘Autumn Classic’ of the Run & Ride Cannock Chase MTB series was held on 28th October. SCC was well represented again.
Autumn Classic Results

Evette Bytheway Beginners F 2nd
Quinn Bytheway Fat Bike M 2nd
Chris Harris Retro Bike M 2nd
Ian Jones (2nd claim) Single Speed M 1st
Jay Hickman Single Speed M 3rd
Matt Bowker Single Speed M 5th
Phil Glaze (2nd claim) Enthusiast M 1st
Overall Series Positions – Best 3 of 4 races
Rider Final Pos Points
Evette Bytheway 6th 98
Ian Jones (2nd claim) 1st 300
Jay Hickman 4th 272
Matt Bowker 5th 268
Quinn Bytheway 3rd 188
Chris Harris 2nd 290
Phil Glaze (2nd claim) 1st 300

The WMCCL 2018/19 Cyclocross Series continues.
Round 6 – Stoneleigh Park
Rider Cat Overall Cat Pos
Anthony Neave U23 5th 1st
Tom Payton Snr 4th 4th
Amanda Whitehouse V40F 1st 3rd
Jackie Lake V50F 11th 2nd
Pam Saunders V55F 12th 1st
Stephen Whitehouse V50 3rd 3rd
Derek Hill V65 55th 5th
Round 7 – Blackwell Adventure Centre
Rider Cat Overall Cat Pos
Anthony Neave U23 6th 2nd
Phil Glaze V40 12th 1st
Amanda Whitehouse V40F 10th 1st
Jackie Lake V50F 22nd 4th
Pam Saunders V55F 23rd 1st
Helen Plant V40F 30th 5th
Carolyn Rowntree V70F 33rd 1st
Stephen Whitehouse V50 6th 3rd
Kevin Payton V55 9th 3rd
Derek Hill V65 70th 7th
Round 8 – Newport
Rider Cat Overall Cat Pos
Anthony Neave U23 3rd 2nd
Phil Glaze V40 12th 1st
Kevin Hayward V45 55th 8th
Amanda Whitehouse V40F 9th 1st
Jackie lake V50F 17th 4th
Pam Saunders V55F 18th 1st
Stephen Whitehouse V50 3rd 2nd
Kevin Payton V55 4th 2nd
Derek Hill V65 68th 4th
Round 9 – Stourport
Rider Cat Overall Cat Pos
Anthony Neave U23 6th 3rd
Phil Glaze V40 11th 1st
Amanda Whitehouse V40F 8th 2nd
Pam Saunders V55F 13th 1st
Jackie Lake V50F 14th 2nd
Stephen Whitehouse V50 3rd 3rd
Derek Hill V65 60th 3rd

Other SCC riders who have competed with some good results are: –
Andrew Merrick, Quinn Bytheway, Kevin Plant, Colin Neave & Ian Cadwallader.

S H A R E:

Easy as 1-2-3

SCC completed an impressive 1-2-3 at Round 11 of the South Staffs Road Race League on Thursday with Neil Ruston, Kevin Payton, Simon Smewin, supported by a big team on the road, finishing in the top 3 spots.

Kevin attacked on the last lap going up Six Ashes and managed to stay away from the group until 1/2 mile from the end, and then had the determination to get on Sie and Neil’s wheel as they came past and stay with them as they rode off the front. The team work displayed by SCC was fantastic with riders sitting in and leaving the others to chase Kevin down.

With some first time racing from the ladies on Tuesday night at Stourport in our Crit race, superbly organised by Roger Allen, the club has had a great week.

S H A R E:

Coaching Session

Amazing drone footage of our recent coaching session at Stourport track has been uploaded to Youtube and can be viewed here.

Many thanks to Bal Basra and his son for all their hard work.

S H A R E: