2019 Club 10 Round 2

A record field of 53 riders (including one 2-Up) took part in last night’s Individual Time Trial, with Ben Healy setting a new course record.

Full results:

PosNameClubTime ConvertPoints
1Ben HealyWiggins Le Col00:20:45100
2Charles WalkerSpirit Tifosi RT00:21:4198
3Anthony NeaveStourbridge CC00:22:4696
4Phil GlazeStourbridge CC00:23:1294
5Ewan Partridge-00:23:5492
6James TaylorStourbridge CC00:23:5690
7Nick PriceShropshire CCA00:24:3788
8Rob KennardStourbridge Velo00:24:4986
9Neil RustonStourbridge CC00:24:5084
10Kevin PlantStourbridge CC00:24:5282
11Mark ReevesStourbridge Velo00:25:0080
12Simon SmewinStourbridge CC00:25:0178
13Jon PerryStourbridge CC00:25:0276
14Andy CollinsMid-Shropshire Wheelers00:25:0474
15Simon HaycockStourbridge CC00:25:0872
16Steve LynnWMP00:25:1670
17Sam ParkerBlack Country Triathletes00:25:1968
18Silas Vanden Branden-00:25:2466
19Simon JonesFred's00:25:3464
19Adrian LoweStourbridge CC00:25:3464
21Martin AtkinsStourbridge CC00:25:3760
22Kevin HaywardStourbridge CC00:25:3958
23Iain EstellStourbridge CC00:25:4756
24Cameron Coley-SmithStourbridge CC00:25:5554
25Darren CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:26:0452
26Rich OwenStourbridge CC00:26:0550
27Nigel JonesStourbridge Velo00:26:0748
27Jon TeesStourbridge CC00:26:2646
29Matt MoodyStourbridge CC00:26:2944
30Chris PedleyBlack Country Triathletes00:26:4242
31Darren HolyheadStourbridge CC00:26:5040
32Chris HarrisStourbridge CC00:27:0138
33Keith JasperStourbridge CC00:27:0636
34Steve GarbettStourbridge CC00:27:1434
35Mike BarnshawStourbridge CC00:27:1434
36Paul MargettsStourbridge CC00:27:2430
37Steve CraneAllez En Velo00:27:2728
38Carl RogersStourbridge CC00:27:3026
38Andy MerrickStourbridge CC00:27:3026
40Lee WoodStourbridge CC00:27:5922
41Lee WhitehouseStourbridge CC00:28:0420
42Gary BonnerBTC00:28:0618
43Steve DenisonStourbridge CC00:28:0716
44Chris HollidayWarley Wasps00:28:1514
45Lucy McNeill-Briggs/Matt Cullis (2up)Wolverhampton Wheelers CC00:28:4412
46Matt JonesStourbridge CC00:28:5510
47Helen PlantStourbridge CC00:29:228
48Dave AmbierWarley Wasps00:29:326
49Ian CadwalladerStourbridge CC00:30:344
50Julie BlackStourbridge CC00:31:182
51Jo AchaStourbridge CC00:31:450
52Preston Grundy-00:36:580
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2019 Club 10 Round 1 Results

A large turn out of 35 riders saw Phil Glaze win the opening time trial of the season.

1Phil GlazeStourbridge CC23:01100
2Anthony NeaveStourbridge CC23:1198
3Josh WilliamsClee Cycles24:2696
4Ewan Partridge-24:4294
5Paul RogersStourbridge CC24:5092
6Rob KennardStourbridge Velo24:5190
7Steve LynnWMP24:5788
8Scott PalmerStourbridge CC25:1886
9Neil RustonStourbridge CC25:2484
10Kevin PlantStourbridge CC25:2682
11Leigh BlandfordStourbridge Velo25:2780
12Simon HaycockStourbridge CC25:3578
13James TaylorStourbridge CC25:3676
14Simon JonesFred's26:0874
15Cameron Coley-SmithStourbridge CC26:2472
16Darren CadwalladerStourbridge CC26:3270
17Keith JasperStourbridge CC26:3270
18Richard OwenStourbridge CC26:5166
19Chris PedleyBlack Country Triathletes27:1364
20Simon SmewinStourbridge CC27:3262
21Gary SmithStourbridge Velo27:3460
22Nigel DhillonStourbridge CC27:4358
23Jim GallowayStourbridge CC27:5056
24Matthew MoodyStourbridge CC28:1254
25Andy MerrickStourbridge CC28:2452
26Andrew AshwinStourbridge CC28:2850
27Chris HarrisStourbridge CC28:3548
28Gary ChamberlainStourbridge CC28:3746
29Matt JonesStourbridge CC29:3144
30Mark PratchettStourbridge CC30:0042
31Lucy McNeill-Briggs/Matt Cullis (2up)Wolverhampton Wheelers CC30:1940
32Ian CadwalladerStourbridge CC30:3238
33Mac McColganStourbridge CC30:3936
34Julie BlackStourbridge CC33:2834
35Preston Grundy-38:5432
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Off-road racing round up

Cannock Chase MTB Series 2018
The final round ‘Autumn Classic’ of the Run & Ride Cannock Chase MTB series was held on 28th October. SCC was well represented again.
Autumn Classic Results

Evette Bytheway Beginners F 2nd
Quinn Bytheway Fat Bike M 2nd
Chris Harris Retro Bike M 2nd
Ian Jones (2nd claim) Single Speed M 1st
Jay Hickman Single Speed M 3rd
Matt Bowker Single Speed M 5th
Phil Glaze (2nd claim) Enthusiast M 1st
Overall Series Positions – Best 3 of 4 races
Rider Final Pos Points
Evette Bytheway 6th 98
Ian Jones (2nd claim) 1st 300
Jay Hickman 4th 272
Matt Bowker 5th 268
Quinn Bytheway 3rd 188
Chris Harris 2nd 290
Phil Glaze (2nd claim) 1st 300

The WMCCL 2018/19 Cyclocross Series continues.
Round 6 – Stoneleigh Park
Rider Cat Overall Cat Pos
Anthony Neave U23 5th 1st
Tom Payton Snr 4th 4th
Amanda Whitehouse V40F 1st 3rd
Jackie Lake V50F 11th 2nd
Pam Saunders V55F 12th 1st
Stephen Whitehouse V50 3rd 3rd
Derek Hill V65 55th 5th
Round 7 – Blackwell Adventure Centre
Rider Cat Overall Cat Pos
Anthony Neave U23 6th 2nd
Phil Glaze V40 12th 1st
Amanda Whitehouse V40F 10th 1st
Jackie Lake V50F 22nd 4th
Pam Saunders V55F 23rd 1st
Helen Plant V40F 30th 5th
Carolyn Rowntree V70F 33rd 1st
Stephen Whitehouse V50 6th 3rd
Kevin Payton V55 9th 3rd
Derek Hill V65 70th 7th
Round 8 – Newport
Rider Cat Overall Cat Pos
Anthony Neave U23 3rd 2nd
Phil Glaze V40 12th 1st
Kevin Hayward V45 55th 8th
Amanda Whitehouse V40F 9th 1st
Jackie lake V50F 17th 4th
Pam Saunders V55F 18th 1st
Stephen Whitehouse V50 3rd 2nd
Kevin Payton V55 4th 2nd
Derek Hill V65 68th 4th
Round 9 – Stourport
Rider Cat Overall Cat Pos
Anthony Neave U23 6th 3rd
Phil Glaze V40 11th 1st
Amanda Whitehouse V40F 8th 2nd
Pam Saunders V55F 13th 1st
Jackie Lake V50F 14th 2nd
Stephen Whitehouse V50 3rd 3rd
Derek Hill V65 60th 3rd

Other SCC riders who have competed with some good results are: –
Andrew Merrick, Quinn Bytheway, Kevin Plant, Colin Neave & Ian Cadwallader.

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