Preparation For A Ride

In order to ride with Stourbridge CC, we ask that people come prepared:

  • Know how far you are likely to be riding. Ensure that you are capable of completing the distance over the terrain.
  • Your bike must be in good working order. Mechanical failures affect the whole group, as they will be delayed with you in the event of a failure.
  • You must dress appropriately for the weather.  Jeans are not good for cycling in. You don’t need lycra either, but get some cycling specific clothing, and waterproofs, and gloves, and shoes

Before a ride check the following:

  • Brakes – the blocks have plenty of rubber on them and pulling on the lever causes the blocks to hold the rim.
    Disk brakes – pads have enough material on them and the lever doesn’t reach the bar.
  • Wheels – no loose spokes and rims are not worn.
  • Handle bars and saddle – These should be tight. It should not be possible to move them in any direction.
  • Gears  – you should be able to change gears reliably.
  • Cables  – ensure they are not frayed.
  • Tyres  – are in good condition.

You should bring with you:

  • A hard shell helmet is recommended for safety reasons.
  • Equipment to change a flat tyre – Tyre levers, at least one spare inner tube and a pump
  • Money – most rides have a cafe stop on route
  • Identification
  • Chain link extractor – someone will show you how to use it!
  • Spoke key
  • Food  – (e.g. banana/gel/chocolate bar)- it’s always a good idea to carry some food in case you bonk.
  • A drink – it’s amazing how easily you will cramp up if you don’t replace fluids.

Most of these items can be fitted in a tool roll/ sawn-off bottle or will fit into pockets of a cycling jersey

When coming out on a ride:

  • Be honest and realistic about your abilities, that way, we can try and ensure you get the best ride possible, which, after all, is what it’s all about!
  • Don’t ride at the back – or the front for that matter.  New riders tend to gravitate to the back of the pack; please don’t. Try and stay in the middle of the group and you’ll be pulled along by the group. Start off as soon as the group starts moving and stay a few riders behind the ride leader.
  • Speak up – if you’re struggling, or have a mechanical, or just need a breather.  We don’t mind helping out but we’re not mind readers.
  • Know who’s around you – and keep an eye out for them. Talk to each other. If you’re near the back and you had someone behind you, and now they’re not there, SHOUT, they could be in trouble.

You are welcome to join our rides but after 3 outings with us you will be required to join the club. Details on the “Join Us!” page.

You can also join one of the national cycling organisations, Cycling UK or British Cycling (BC). This is not a condition of membership of Stourbridge CC but there are added advantages of membership of these organisations.

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