Club Runs

Stourbridge CC run a variety of rides throughout the week.

There is a choice of both  3 off-road and  4 road rides on a Saturday, and up to 2 road rides on a Sunday, allowing people to choose a ride suited to their ability and have an enjoyable day out that is within their limits.

There are also a selection of rides midweek.

Before attending any rides, please read our “code of conduct” and “preparation for a ride” pages

All are welcome, including non-club members, as long as you follow the guidelines above.  For further details please see the following pages

We have several WhatsApp chat groups and any current member can join any chat by contacting the admin for the preferred group:

Sunday Touring: Pam Saunders
Sunday 0830: Roger Allen
B ride: Paul Margetts
Saturday 0915 off-road: Quinn Bytheway
SCC Gravelriders: Roger Allen

A brief video, from British Cycling, on how to ride in a group:

S H A R E: