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Stourbridge Cycling Club 2010 – 2019


January 2010. The first SCC reliability ride with headquarters at DK Rugby Club.
Hannah Payton gained a silver medal in the National Cyclo-cross championships.

March 2010. AGM: record membership at 171.

April 2010. We are to promote: a South Staffs League road race, an LVRC race, club 10’s and an open TT.

July 2010. We have withdrawn from organising a time trial due to a second fatality on the desired course this year. We have been criticised by some fellow cyclists for this decision but stand firm by it.

September 2010. Road racing season coming to an end.

More people racing on road than in many years.

Approx. 10% membership are competing in events.

Development plan targets are being met.

November 2010. 6½ years ago 2 people were leading rides, now it is 9. No take up for leads, rate of attrition for touring members.

The “Tony and Bob” Club night – ‘End to End in a Hurry’ was excellent. We have a superb printed report for our Club, for future reference and to add to our library and archive.
There is a wish by some members to redesign the club clothing. This is being looked at and members have been invited to come up with some designs.


March 2011. AGM: Keith Green proposed to vote ‘Do we change the club kit’ before further discussion took place. This was agreed and vote results are:
Yes – 8
No – 29
Abstain – 7

Membership is another record at 195.

May 2011. A large uptake of SCC members racing, mainly in the South Staffs league with good attendance for club 10’s as well.

July 2011. Extract from the chairman’s report in the committee minutes:

  • The road races and time trials we promoted have all been run successfully and were well praised both from the competitors taking part and other organisers.
  • The numbers participating in the touring rides and the off-road rides are just tremendous.
  • The Tuesday night training rides have been well supported and on two occasions coaches from Wolverhampton Wheelers have seen us out and said how professional we look.
  • Go ride has gone well and we have the skittles night to look forward to. All in all we have a club that is organising well, racing well and putting a lot of ‘bums on saddles’.


February 2012. The reliability ride had to be cancelled at the last minute due to icy roads. We made no financial loss as BC refunded our insurance deposit and the HQ made no charge. We still made a donation to Mary Stevens Hospice, however. We have changed clothing supplier to Endura.

March 2012. AGM: Another record membership in 2011 of 203. KP stated that SCC was invited to the house of commons ref summer of cycling.

  • Key message was to try and get one friend to ride a bike this year.

Government initiative with lots of support.

June 2012. Both the club road race at Astley organised by Derek Mason and the South Staffs league race were run very successfully.

December 2012. It has been decided to start a pilates class at the clubroom on Monday evenings.


January 2013. It is proving very difficult to get a BC rep to come to the clubroom and deal with CRB renewals.

March 2013. AGM: Club 10’s were very successful, despite every night being wet! 39 riders competed in all, a bit down on 2011 but pretty sure this was due to the poor weather. Derek Mason won – only 1 rider competed in all events, Nick Harris. Another 5 events planned for this year, starting on 16th April – a week later than last year.

An extract of some of SCC’s successes during 2012/13 –

  • Walter Fowler – world champion at the 75+ 500m time trial, won at Manchester Velodrome World Masters Championships.
  • Louise Robinson – winner of the National Cyclo-cross series, LV National champion, also Louise rode at world level in Belgium over Christmas, placing highly at every race.
  • Hannah Payton winner of the WMCCL series this winter, also represented GB at the European cyclo-cross championships in Ipswich.
  • Tom Payton made a comeback after injury and put in some excellent national performances and local league wins.
  • Isla Rowntree who won every WMCCL race she rode this winter with very little training following an injury.
  • Neil Hayward who gained his elite MTB licence and had results very close to the top UK riders during last season.
  • Kevin Payton who won the senior B league at Wolverhampton track.

Bryan Hedges finished 2nd 60+ vet in the WMCCL.

A club member had asked if the club could hire Stourport Circuit before the Tuesday night training rides start with the purpose of coaching riders in ‘through and off’. Note – this was taken up and is currently a routine summer activity (2023).

Biemme’s kit quality has reached a point where we will no longer buy it. So we have tried GSG, although the quality is better, the shading of both orange and blue is wrong and it took 6 months for the order to arrive.
We have now dropped the current supplier and are using Endura as the returns process is more robust and ordering is easier. We can also see order progress.


March 2014. AGM: 216 members for 2013 with 55 new members.

June 2014. The Facebook page was dropped and relaunched to give the committee full control which was not possible before.

July 2014. We have lost our Go-Ride status due to not having enough coaches and being unable to support the required number of coaching sessions. This is not a disaster though as we can still continue with a program that we can manage and the benefit of being a Go-Ride club was never really fully used.

2014 is our 50th year. Several rides were planned to go from the Bonded Warehouse later in the year, road and MTB. Followed by a barn dance and some publicity in the local paper. Founder members Roger Mantom and Bryan Hedges cut the cake.

October 2014. We have placed and paid for 3 juniors to have professional coaching so we look forward to see their improvement next year.


March 2015. AGM: 212 members. Not a record but still good. Big decision of the night – club kit. Voted to have a new design,
votes out of 54

for – 40

against – 5

abstained – 9

Isla won the women’s vets cyclo-cross championships and Hannah rode the World Cyclo-cross Championships in Tabor.

Kalas are chosen as the new kit supplier.


Last year’s membership closed at 244.

Wally Fowler broke the 80 – 85 year old hour record, making a distance of 35.772Km, adding more than 6.5Km to the previous record.

Lots of SCC riders in the top 10 of the West Midlands Cyclo-Cross League, Hannah Payton finished 12th in the World Cyclo-Cross Championships.  “SCC riders in the top 5 of the South Staffs League, and the summer MTB classic.   


Last year’s membership closed at 247.

A lot of activity in off-road racing, several people rode cyclo-cross last winter and good attendance at local MTB races, the most notable being Cannock.

An interesting result from the first of our time trials at Halfpenny Green:

1st. Jacob Tipper (NRG) 1st 23.00

2nd. Phil Glaze (SCC) 2nd 23.06

3rd. Ben Healey (ZRT) 3rd 23.29

The annual pilgrimage to Majorca took place in May with about 30 members going.

15 SCC members rode the South Staffs League races this season. Joe Charley was the best performer and Phil Glaze gained his 2nd cat licence.

We promoted one SS league race and a Stourport Summer Series race.

Coaching sessions started for SCC members at Stourport circuit, being held on Wednesday evenings.

We started to run and pay for First Aid courses for our own members as it’s proved difficult to get suitable BC-funded courses.

A new website was launched and the old one closed down, the forum had run it’s course and is not part of the new site.

We provided a lot of support as joint organisers with Beacon RCC for the Midlands Championship cyclo-cross at Top Barn to redeem ourselves as we have a lot of ‘cross riders but don’t promote an event. This was successful and we have recovered our relationship with the WM cyclo-cross committee.

We are looking at online membership but have some concerns over the cost and how to implement it seamlessly.

Over £9000 of clothing sold to our members this year.


Last year’s membership closed at 262

The reliability ride was run in February from Swindon Village Hall and attracted 190 riders, we have a reputation for good catering after the event, thanks to Lisa.

We finished 2nd overall in the WM cyclo-cross league with some excellent overall results:

Phil Glaze 1st V40

Kevin Payton 1st V55

Anthony Neave 1st U23

Carolyn Rowntree 1st FV70

Amanda Whitehouse 2nd FV40

Tom Payton 2nd Snr

Steven Whitehouse 2nd V50

Naomi Buckley-Melling 3rd Female Snr
Hannah Payton was 5th overall in the 2017/18 National Championship and has again been chosen to represent Great Britain at the UEC European Cyclo-cross Championships.

Colin Neave won CMOTY, John Onions became a honorary life member and Trevor Timmington won WAG’S Kup because on the Stour Valley Shuffle, disappeared off the track in between the waste pipe and the bank, took 5 members to get him out.

Phil Glaze is on a winning spree in local races.

Website has moved to WordPress and is stable.

 Another record year for the club. Membership has increased again and our finances are sound. We have promoted a road race, a circuit race, a reliability trial and a time trial series to our usual high standard. This season we will add a cyclocross race as well. We have had great results both on road and off-road, male and female. We also had a fantastic barn dance. Saturdays continue to be the most popular day where we can easily get 60/80 riders out across the various road and off road rides.

Club member of the Year Awarded to Pam Saunders

Has provided a lot of help over the year, helps at races, attends social events and managed to acquire her level 2 BC trainer award.

Nomination for honorary life membership – Awarded to Richard Nichol

Helped newbies on the rides, main stay of the club, lent his Bianchi to Colin, leads rides, is the treasurer for the last 10 years, takes care of people, good advice.

Nomination for WAG Cup – Vikash for falling in the canal without his bike.

We are starting to build up a “tool library”, first items will be a headset press, derailleur straightening tool.

There are problems with the number of riders on Saturdays at Summerhill, we frequently fill up the layby.


Unknown at the time of the AGM but this was to be the last one for 3 ½ years!
The club is doing well, we had a good ‘cross season and are planning to run a cyclo-cross race at Blackwell Court in November.
Club member of the Year – Proposed by Roger Allen – Awarded to Pam Saunders.
Has provided a lot of help over the year, helps at races, attends social events and managed to acquire her level 2 BC trainer award.
Nomination for honorary life membership – Proposed by Colin Neave – Awarded to Richard Nichol.
Helped newbies on the rides, main stay of the club, lent his Bianchi to Colin, leads rides, is the treasurer for the last 10 years, takes care of people, good advice.
Nomination for WAG Cup:
Helen nominated Vikash for falling in the canal without his bike.
We will be buying two new sets of rollers.
The club 10 course record was broken by Ben Healy on 7th May with a time of 20:45.

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