Leaders’ Guidelines

Leading an SCC Ride

Guidelines concerning novices, new members and guest riders. (now referred to as The Guest )


  • The run is primarily for our members to enjoy and accomplish.
  • The guest also should enjoy the run and not be put off cycling.
  • If the above are achieved, we may have a new member.


  • The leader decides if the Guest can ride, not other members.
  • Having done so, you must be prepared to take responsibility for their well being, in the event of a ‘bale out’, returning home with them, or delegate their return to a run member. Delegate a substitute run leader as necessary to complete the ride.
  • Before half way to the café, access how The Guest is doing?  Can they make it comfortably?
  • The Guest must provide a ‘contact & home phone no. & address.’
  • Check their food and water, be prepared to share your supply.
  • Check their spares, tyres, etc., can the group ‘cover’ for likely eventualities?
  • Check their clothing, The weather could be a big factor for a novice?

The Approach and Assessment.

  • Try to be friendly and tactful in discovering The Guests capabilities.
  • Ask what experience they have?
  • How fit do they think they are?
  • Tell them about the run, destination, distance, time and speed.
  • Do they think they are up for it?


  • Do they look OK?
  • Is their bike OK? Old and badly kept? Brand new and unsuitable?
  • A cheap fully suspended mountain bike, with knobbly tyres, beware! Conversely, a fit cross country rider on a ‘hardtail’ MTB, on slicks could be fine. BMX, no way!
  • If there is time, give advice, and ask them to return when better prepared.
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